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What the Science Says About How Kids Learn to Read


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Understanding how children acquire literacy skills is a complex process. We are here to help you navigate the myriad of resources that are available whether you are a parent, teacher or school leader.

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We know that many universities have not provided teachers with training in how children learn to read and that many educators are saddled with having to implement practices that are not aligned to the Science of Reading. The good news is that there is a growing movement to get this information into the hands of educators. We hope we can help you on your journey!


Education Leaders

Research shows that effective instructional leadership is essential in shifting reading outcomes for all students. In order for schools to make the shift to practices rooted in the Science of Reading, district and school leaders must also immerse themselves in the science. Your journey should start alongside your staff with a specific focus on systems and data.



Your commitment to your children is unquestionable. We are here to provide you with the resources you need to support their literacy development at home. We are also here to help you engage with your school in a productive way that ensures your children's literacy success.


Start Your Journey Here

Stay tuned as more resources are added!

APM Reports Podcasts

Emily Hanford Makes Sense of Reading Science

In this series, listeners can get a clear grasp of the importance of reading science and the impact lack of knowledge of reading science has on the country's literacy outcomes.

Start with Hard to Read, then Hard Words, next At a Loss for Words and finally What the Words Say. For many, these podcasts were the impetus for beginning the Science of Reading journey.

Is My Kid Learning How to Read

Parents Learn What to Look for When Reviewing Their Child's Literacy Program

Watch this two part series to see if your child's school is teaching reading according to the science. Part 1 and Part 2 are eye opening!

Reading Buddies

Parents Watch This Series With Your Pre-K-1st Grade Children

Reading Buddies is a series developed by The Reading League that follows the reading science. Watch these episodes with your children and implement what you are learning at home. Phonological awareness, writing readiness and phonics skills are highlighted in a clear scope and sequence.

The Right to Read Project

Is My Child's School Getting Reading Right - Questions to Ask

Ensure your child's school is teaching reading in the way that 95% of students can be successful. This blog post and accompanying checklist are a great place to start. Bring the checklist to your next conference!

How to Avoid a Lemon

National Center on Improving Literacy

How parents can identify ineffective reading instruction that does not use evidence-based practices.

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